Publican Quality Meats: A Love Story


If you could have your wedding at a place that really meant something special to you, wouldn’t Publican Quality Meats come to mind as a possibility? Of course it would. But who could actually arrange for such a thing— having your union blessed in the company of mortadella, boudin blanc, and Heinz Ketchup? Well, get ready for a love story that will bring salumi-scented tears to your eyes. Andrew Miller, a food consultant, and Shana Schneider, a designer for digital media, made this dream happen this very past Saturday. It started when they decided they wanted to get married somewhere that had special meaning for them— and living two blocks from Publican Quality Meats, and being regular customers of all of One Off Hospitality, the idea of actually getting married at PQM popped into their heads and wouldn’t let go. Find out how they turned the dream into reality as we look through wedding photos taken by— who else for a food-inspired wedding?— our man Huge Galdones.