Porter Square Will Get a Super Sushi Walgreens of Its Very Own

In Aisle 5, near the hairspray.
In Aisle 5, near the hairspray.

Fishy! Pier 1 Imports at 1 Porter Square will turn into a Walgreens soon enough, reports Cambridge Day. But here’s the best part: This branch, just like the Downtown Crossing location, will serve sushi! Because, really, who wants to walk all the way down the block to the Porter Exchange when you can just pick up some sashimi with your deodorant?

This Walgreens will be called a “Super Walgreens”: 21,000 square feet and two stories of fishy goodness, plus a nail place and, quite possibly, a hair salon. The vacant Blockbuster video will also be absorbed by this behemoth, but luckily Anna’s Taqueria will stay put.

Walgreens Doesn’t Look Too Super for Porter Sq. [CD]
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