Munson Manor Coming to Life in Point Breeze

Munson Manor just begging to be rehabbed.
Munson Manor just begging to be rehabbed. Photo: Courtesy Naked Philly

Twice today Munson Manor, the corner property at 20th and Federal Streets that begs screams to be rehabbed and turned into something cool, came up in conversation. The first mention came in Drew Lazor’s Inky piece about the rise of coffee shops on the west side of Broad Street. The second came later on the real estate blog Naked Philly. Both mention that developer and coffee shop mogul Ori Feibush has signed a lease on the bricks, and intends to open a food business inside. Possibly a gastropub. With one of Feibush’s OCF coffee-brewing loss leaders already on the same block, and a steady influx of new residents, new construction and fresh rehabs on surrounding blocks, a hip bar or BYOB is just thing to take the Point Breeze neighborhood, which is one of the last holdouts for gentrification, to the next level. The best estimate of when Munson Manor might actually come to life is “several months.” [Inquirer; Naked Philly]