Perfecto Rocher Leaves Lazy Ox For Solo Project

Perfecto Rocher
Perfecto Rocher Photo: Lazy Ox Canteen

Perfecto Rocher, the Valencia-born chef who filled Josef Centeno’s star shoes following his departure, has left Lazy Ox Canteen. The Spanish chef earned a critical boost from Mr. Jonathan Gold after testing his authentic paellas at the Downtown restaurant and was long the subject of rumors that he was behind a paella-based project planned for Santa Monica under Lazy Ox owner Michael Cardenas. But it turns out that Rocher is also parting ways with Cardenas’ empire to work on a yet-to-be-revealed solo project. On Twitter, the chef writes that he “cant say more right now but It is exciting!” Meanwhile, no word on who will head the kitchen at Lazy Ox in Rocher’s place.