Patxi’s Tries Its Hand at the Neapolitan Thing, Without Wood-Burning Ovens

Patxi's Noe
Patxi's Noe Photo: Facebook

Patxi’s, which has long established its reputation for the heavy-dutiest of Chicago-style pizzas around the Bay, is getting hip to the Neapolitan pizza trend. They appear to be replacing their regular thin-crust pies, at their Noe Valley location to start, with Neapolitan-esque pies that they’re not going so far as to call Neapolitan because that would require wood-burning ovens that reach 900 degrees. As Eater reports, the menu boasts that they will be “crunchy on the outside and chewy on the inside” and made “with extra fine ‘Double Zero’ flour and hand pulled to perfection.” However they may not reach the perfection that some pizza fanatics have come to expect from Una Pizza Napoletana (and, to some extent, Cupola, Mozzeria, and Zero Zero) because of the oven factor. They say that unlike the deep-dish side of the menu, these pies will cook in fifteen to twenty minutes, while a wood-burning oven would finish one in about two minutes. Anyhow, we’ll reserve judgement until we’ve tried one. By the end of October, all their S.F. locations will have these thinner thin-crust pies. [Eater]