Stiff Drinks Are Getting Stiffer

Z, Y, X, W...

The "overproof movement" is having a moment, according to The Wall Street Journal. Anything marked "cask strength" or "barrel strength" or "navy strength" typically has a 40 percent A.B.V. or higher, and some experts regard the boom as an evolutionary byproduct an increasing number of microdistilleries. By using special ingredients like hand-harvested wheat, experts say this new wave of strong craft bourbons, premium ryes, and small batch gins — such as Perry's Tot Navy Strength Gin made by the New York Distilling Co. in Brooklyn — are the boozy equivalent of the Slow Food movement. That makes sense, especially considering that New York Distilling Co. co-founder Allen Katz was in fact the chairman of Slow Food U.S.A. [WSJ]