The New York Times Goes Cuckoo for Kosher Corridor

Kosher pozole
Kosher pozole Photo: Mexikosher Facebook

It was merely two months ago when the beloved(?) New York Times wrote a surprising love letter to the San Fernando Valley. This week, the Grey Lady sings a ballad for LA’s Kosher Corridor. Are we excited? We don’t want to be, but it was only two year ago when the Times squandered an opportunity to declare LA the best food city in America. This time, Jennifer Medina rebukes the “deli on rye” and goes straight for the guava paste at Mexikosher. Every time Mahaleh’s sangak hits the table, we regress into a three-year-old desperate to play with food. It’s splendid an ex-Angeleno turned ex-New Yorker experiences the same bliss whenever she visits Pico Boulevard.

Kosher in Los Angeles Goes Beyond Corned Beef and a Knish [NY Times]