New York’s First Umami Burger Will Indeed Be in Greenwich Village

Complete with branded buns.
Complete with branded buns. Photo: Jennifer Balaco/Flickr

Last month, we noticed an group called Village Eats 10011, LLC, lurking around community board meetings that was none other than West Coast chain Umami Burger. As we said then, they were focusing on a location at 432 Sixth Avenue, the former location of Amber Sushi. At the time, Umami’s reps told us it wasn’t set in stone, and that the Sixth Avenue location was just one spot the chain was considering. Lo and behold, today the Times says Umami has settled on a location for its first NYC outlet and it’s at … 432 Sixth Avenue. Look for it in March, and for more East Coast locations to open soon thereafter. [Diner’s Journal/NYT, Earlier]