Video Feed: Nathan Myhrvold Discusses Modernist Cuisine at Home


The idea of a Modernist Cuisine at Home sounds like a parody — as if home cooks could ever do the kind of centrifuge-and-immersion-circulator cooking that Nathan Myhrvold’s five-volume magnum opus has brought to professional kitchens. But the $140 book, which comes out today, doesn’t expect you to fire up the home laser; it’s about using what you have and a little applied science to find the optimum way of making everyday foods, or just understanding how they are the way they are via the Modernist Cuisine team’s trademark artfully conceived cutaway photos. We spoke to Myhrvold about his new book and how the home chef can use his principles to make better burgers or mac and cheese, when he was in Chicago for Charlie Trotter’s 25th anniversary; watch our exclusive two-minute video straight ahead.

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