Former S.F. Chef Nate Appleman Talks Tripe, Chipotle, and the Rise of ‘San Francisco Cuisine’


“The San Francisco dining scene has changed so much in the three and a half years since I left. There has been that whole transition — all of a sudden the Bay Area shot way above every other city maybe in the world. It started doing this hybrid food that probably turned into what could be called San Francisco Cuisine. It’s always been ingredient-based but now it’s also technique-oriented with an eye to the future.” — Former A16 and SPQR chef (and James Beard winner) Nate Appleman in a new interview in which he also talks about the “normal life” he now gets to lead as culinary manager for the Chipotle chain. Appleman will be cooking at a special farm dinner for Chipotle in Winters, CA on Saturday a the Center for Land-Based learning. Get tickets for that here. [Scoop]