Video Feed: See Moto’s Pastry Chef Make Cookies By Not Making Cookies

Photo: courtesy Moto

You probably don’t think of pastry chef when you think of Moto, but they have a new one, Claire Crenshaw, formerly of places like Old Town Brasserie and Quince. And given their tendency to crank out videos on every aspect of the coolness happening there, they’ve now made a video about one of her dishes which plainly shows that she’s right at home in the Moto future-slash-alternate-universe. It’s a take on cookies and milk— which seem to be the dessert of 2012— but being Moto, it’s not like anybody else’s. It’s not even deconstructed cookies and milk… more like, cookies and milk that come to the table never having been constructed at all. See what we mean in the three-minute video below.