Watch This Bartender Make the Most Expensive Cocktail in the World, Then Make Your Own


This single cocktail, made earlier today by Salvatore Calabrese at the Playboy Club in London, cost the gentlemen who drank it £5,500 (or $8,817) not because it was spiked with Velociraptor tears, but because it was made entirely of antique liquor. “Salvatore’s Legacy” is two parts 1788 Clos de Griffier Vieux Cognac to one part Kummel Liqueur from 1770, and one part Dubb Orange Curacao from 1860. Oh, and two dashes of 100-year-old Angostura. The combined age of its ingredients, Calabrese says, is 730 years.

Calabrese is pretty happy here, you can see, as compared to a few months ago when a customer who ordered two $8,000 glasses of the same Cognac asked to check out the label and accidentally broke the $80,000 bottle. Earlier this afternoon, the most expensive cocktail in the world ever made was purchased by a “long-term client of Calabrese,” who, while unnamed, likely did not take a sip and say, “Oh, wow, this tastes horrible” before sending it back.

Not everyone can afford to be part of cocktail history, so here’s the recipe (and cost) of a bootleg Calabrese Legacy.

40 ml Salinac Cognac: $1.12
20 ml Combier Kummel: $1.06
20 ml Orange Curacao: $0.42

You’ll need ice, and Astor Wines & Spirits does sell all sorts of bitters, but to cut costs, just ask your favorite lady bartender for two dashes of Angostura, and for $2.60, you’re in business.

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