Watch Sushi Chefs Battle Giant Squid and Deranged Monkfish in Monster Roll

Photo: Vimeo

Sushi chefs are clearly the new heroes. This short film called Monster Roll was originally released over the summer at around the same time Anthony Bourdain’s graphic novel Get Jiro! was published, and even features an overlapping opening sequence: obnoxious white dude at a sushi counter douses everything with soy and wasabi, an affront to the principled chef. As soon as that maroon, vengeance-seeking tentacle starts snaking up through the drainpipe in Monster Roll, however, you know it’s going to be a different kind of ride. “The combination of sushi chefs, sea monsters and strip malls just seemed like a clear movie premise,” 33-year-old filmmaker Daniel Blank tells Wired, “and one I desperately wanted to see.” The six-minute-long Monster Roll is the resulting proof of concept, and perhaps the beginning of a full feature that will one day slink and slime its way to a theater near you.

Monster Roll from Dan Blank on Vimeo.

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