Meet Marty Arps, the Chipotle Employee Who Made a Mitt Romney Photo Op Moderately Interesting

Mitt probably doesn't mind paying extra for guacamole.
Mitt probably doesn't mind paying extra for guacamole.Photo: Charles Dharapak/AP

By now you’ve probably seen the Mitt Romney Chipotle photo (it is right next to this post, after all), thanks to the kind of awesome facial expression that one employee is making. But so, who is that dude? Well, his name is Marty Arps. The Daily tracked him down and asked him about the face: “It’s a facial expression I do when I’m excited,” he says. “I [did that] when I met Nicki Minaj. It’s like, ‘Ah, it’s them, right there in front of you!’” Yep, it’s just like that. [The Daily]