Watch Michael Voltaggio Relive His Rise and Trespass in The Hollywood Hills

"Breaking the law, breaking the law!"
"Breaking the law, breaking the law!" Photo: YouTube

Michael Voltaggio is the latest subject on Becoming, YouTube’s new video interview series that so far features NAS, Johnny Knoxville, and Charlotte Ronson, among the other artists dishing on their rise to fame. Sitting with Jiro Dreams of Sushi director David Gelb, Voltaggio describes his growth from a “bad kid always in trouble” to “a restaurateur…[and] president of a company.” The self-taught chef briskly walks us through his days apprenticing, alongside big bro Bryan, his early foray into fatherhood, Top Chef, and his push to own his own restaurant. He also goes foraging for wild licorice into the Hollywood Hills with the restaurant’s chef de cuisine, Cole Dickinson, before treating everybody to a little smoking food porn coming out of their kitchen. Take a look!