Buy This 20-Year-Old Bottle of McDonald’s ‘McJordan’ Sauce and Horrify Your Friends

Still nasty after all these years.
Still nasty after all these years. Photo: Courtesy eBay

Someone lovingly rescued this unopened, one-gallon bottle of McDonald’s sauce used to slather the limited-edition McJordan Burger back in 1992 and is now selling it on eBay for $9,995. The McJordan was a limited-edition quarter-pounder with cheese, sauce, bacon, mustard, pickles, and onions sold by the chain in select markets between 1991 and 1992. “Those are supposed to be Jordan’s favorite ingredients,” the Chicago Tribune reported at the time. Now, however, this is the stuff of fast-food legend and a chuggable relic of modern life. So, buy this plastic bottle of benthic goo — as Indiana Jones would say, “It belongs in a museum.” Also, shipping is free. [eBay, CSNChicago via Daily Meal]