Special Sauce: McDonald’s ‘Pimp’ Headed to Jail

Photo: McDonald's

Quick tip: If someone approaches you at a midtown McDonald’s claiming to be a pimp, you should probably steer clear. Alas, a man named Anthony Jones apparently told people at a Mickey D’s near Penn Station he was a pimp, would charge drunk customers a couple hundred dollars in exchange for phony info about where they could find hookers, then flee before the suckers could figure out what was up and come back. (Someone please say he called himself Big Mac.) Anyway, enough people fell for this, then complained to the restaurant staff — “Uh, yeah, well, there was this guy who, uh … ” — that Jones was eventually barred from the restaurant last year. When he returned last May and a security guard confronted him, Jones stabbed the guard. And now he’s going to jail. [NYDN]