MAU Mysteriously Closed, Chef Sante Salvoni Out

That was fast.
That was fast. Photo: Dana Massey-Todd/Tablehopper

As sometimes happens with new restaurants, there’s been an almost immediate shakeup rumored at new Mission Asian spot MAU (665 Valencia Street). The one-month-old restaurant was mysteriously closed most of last week, and we’re hearing that former Slow Club chef Sante Salvoni has already left. Grub Street has reached out to one of the partners for confirmation, and for some explanation, but has not heard back. The restaurant website says they will reopen on October 31, and the dinner menu is now “under construction.” On the restaurant’s Facebook page on Friday was a cryptic update that simply said “Stay tuned!” and showed a picture of a new mural being painted — and one commenter was already asking, “Where’s Sante?” [Grub Street] Update: Partner Ann Abbott confirms that the restaurant will reopen for lunch and dinner on Wednesday, but offers no further clarification about the chef shuffle or a possible new direction for the menu. Update 2: Apparently Salvoni was surprised by his firing, and calls it “lousy.”