Swedish Chefs Finally Crawl Out From Under the Shadow of the Muppets

Nilsson. Photo: Patrik Neckman/Flickr

Sweden is dominating a healthy share of the current conversation about food and its influence in restaurants around the world. In terms of influence, the chefs Magnus Nilsson, who just had a showdown with Nathan Myhrvold over their respective cookbook styles in the WSJ , and Mathias Dahlgren, who just so happens to be cooking a six-course dinner downtown tomorrow night, are leading the pack.

Expect more river fish drying on pikes, waitresses with bear skin capes, desserts plated under snow drifts, and, of course, a lot more indigenous foraged and fermented ingredients coming to a dining room table near you. And for restaurateurs looking to get in on this, it just so happens we know of a spot where you might be able to score some antler chandeliers on the cheap.

Rich in its history, confident in its future
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