Mario Batali’s Sons Will Publish The Batali Brothers Cookbook

Proud papa.
Proud papa. Photo: Melissa Hom

Over a private dinner with Fergus Henderson at the Tasting Table test kitchen, Mario Batali told Grub Street that his preteen sons, Benno and Leo, have given him “the one thing that no one else can.” That is, a family cookbook. “They gave it to me as a 50th birthday present two years ago, and we’ve been dancing around it for a while, wondering what to do.”

Well, last week the deal was done via Harper Collins to publish The Batali Brothers Cookbook. Batali says the project will roll out as an e-book for Christmas, and a hard copy in the spring. He explains, “The boys cook, they love it, they are truly great kids … for all the bullshit around me, being their father is the most important thing in my life.”