Regarding the Hidden Gem That Is/Was Manka’s Inverness Lodge

Grade and DeLong in the kitchen at Manka's.
Grade and DeLong in the kitchen at Manka's. Photo: Courtesy of Manka's

In the new Bon Appétit, noted author and Berkeley denizen Michael Chabon writes a lovely piece about spending a Thanksgiving ten years ago with family and friends at “the sweetest, quirkiest, most exquisite gem of a luxury inn” called Manka’s Inverness Lodge. Prince Charles and Camilla stayed there in 2005, and Food & Wine once named the restaurant at Manka’s one of the fifty best hotel restaurants in the world. But, unfortunately, the lavish Thanksgiving Chabon describes, “operatic in its duration and epic in its whimsy,” isn’t really possible anymore since Manka’s historic lodge and restaurant space burned down in December 2006, and has yet to be rebuilt. Manka’s still has lodging space, and chef Daniel DeLong and owner Margaret Grade still serve food to guests in their rooms, and in June they completed the purchase of the Olema Inn in Olema, where they plan to open a more casual restaurant than Manka’s, possibly by year’s end. They still intend to reopen Manka’s the restaurant in some shape or form, someday. But until then, enjoy Chabon’s well written memory of it. [Bon App]