‘Lunch Rocks’ Asks You to Break-dance Your Midday Break Away

Hello, dancing sailors.

If you’re up for it, 100 people are getting together this Thursday at the Caufield to eat packed lunches and dance their asses off. While the restaurant’s name suggests some unholy configuration of saddle shoes and Warby Parkers is about to descend upon on 27th Street, the event’s organizers say "DJs from some of New York City’s hottest clubs will provide the music," so it’s unclear whether this lunchtime dance party, the first of a series, will turn out prim and PG like (500) Days of Summer, or hot-messy like any number of Shakira videos. Either way, show up and you’ll be able to say you got served — lunch, that is; the $15 door entry fee gets you a sandwich, chips, fruit, and dessert. If you need the extra kick, alcohol is extra. [DNAinfo, Lunch Rocks]