Littleneck and Do or Dine’s Chowders Will Get You Through Moby-Dick

Photo: Wikimedia

Better dust off your best peg leg: The first-ever marathon reading of Moby-Dick takes place next month over the course of three days in Manhattan and Brooklyn bookstores. Rick Moody, Sarah Vowell, Lev Grossman, Touré, Rachel Syme, Jonathan Ames, Mark Kurlansky, Aryn Kyle, Will Hermes, Eileen Myles, and Elissa Schappell are among a crew of 100 readers chipping in to take on the great white whale. There will be short breaks for sleep and the journey will be grueling, but teams from Littleneck and Do or Dine will be serving chowder throughout the weekend. First mates, they are. [Moby Dick Marathon]