Freeze Out: The Crackdown on Liquid Nitrogen Cocktails Begins in England

Photo: Danny Kim / New York Magazine

No more nitro: U.K. Health Minister Anna Soubry says that the Food Standards Agency will challenge the liquor license of any bar serving cocktails made with liquid nitrogren. Last month, an English teenager named Gaby Scanlon nearly died on her 18th birthday after drinking celebratory drinks made with liquid nitrogen; Scanlon’s perforated stomach was surgically removed that night. Meanwhile, in other bad news, it turns out that even “moderate” drinking can reduce the total amount of viable brain cells. A new study in Neuroscience says that mildly intoxicated rats lost 40 percent more hippocampal cells than the comparable, “abstinent” group of rodents. All you lush rats out there, this calls for a celebration. You know where we’ll be at 5 p.m. tonight. [Science Daily, Daily Mail UK, Earlier]