Le Cirque Investigating ‘Peak’ Menu Pricing, Early Bird Discounts


How’s Le Cirque rebounding from its savage Times review? By thinking about charging customers more during peak dinner hours, from the looks of it. “We’re borrowing something the airlines and hotels have done for many years,” Maccioni restaurant group chief executive Carlo Mantica tells CNBC. Though he does not provide specific numbers or plans, Mantica says Le Cirque may begin a “flexible pricing” program, which means diners coming in to eat between the peak hours of 7 p.m. to 9 p.m., for example, may pay $49 for halibut instead of the usual $44. On the flip side, Mantica adds that the restaurant group may offer more substantial discounts to diners who come in at “off-peak” hours for their sole meunière. [CNBC, Earlier]