The MET’s Kathy Sidell Lives the ‘American Restaurant Dream,’ Pens a Memoir


The veteran restaurateur’s book, When I Met Food: Living the American Restaurant Dream, comes out this fall. Looks like a page-turner. The description: “Though raised among foodies: her mother, a talented home entertainer, her banker father who single-handedly is credited for building the restaurant business in Boston; and a sister, now a chef and restaurateur-Kathy’s route to food was not as linear. Her early life as a film producer developed her love for story, themes, and setting. But by age 47, she found herself drawn back to food and the risk of restaurant life.”

Expect business insights, recipes, and even an intriguing passage about local critic Corby Kummer and cameos from other Boston characters. It comes out in November. Could a tell-all tome from her sister Stephanie be far behind?