Video Feed: 4th-Generation Italian Grocer Jim Graziano Vs. a Giant Cheese

Photo: Sky Full of Bacon

How many people wandering the oh-so-trendy Randolph Street Corridor barely notice the old school purveyors and wholesalers the glitzy new restaurants are set among? Yet it’s their loss, because there are some great old places among them, some only serving the trade, but some happy to offer restaurant quality goods to anyone who walks in the door. One of our favorites, as we’ve noted before, is J.P. Graziano Grocery Co., maker of some great subs under 4th-generation owner Jim Graziano. But beyond the sandwiches they sell a small selection of uniformly fine imported Italian foods, like parmesan cheese. In the first video of a new series devoted to great old school places called Real Chicago, Jim Graziano shows us how you cut a massive 85-lb., 3-year-aged wheel of parmigiano-reggiano, while talking about all the history in the shop his great-grandfather founded in Chicago back in the 1920s. Watch the seven-minute video below.