Checking In on Il Mulino, Where the Power Players Get Fed

They like it.
They like it. Photo: Getty Images

It may be the complimentary fried zucchini sticks and Parmesan chunks dispensed from the trolley roving through the dining room, but probably not: The long list of politicians and celebrities like George Clooney and Drake who frequent Il Mulino in Greenwich Village keep the restaurant in the news, the Observer reports, while $70 plates of Dover Sole keep the profit margin high. Owners Jerry Katzoff and Brian Galligan have opened Il Mulino outposts all over the country, including a new one on the Upper East Side, not so much by duplicating the menu, but by franchising the restaurant’s exclusivity itself. “If you asked me if I was in the restaurant business,” Katzoff says, “I would say that I’m really in the brand business.” [NYO, Earlier]