Hudson Yards Will Boast a Ballroom, Bars, and a Restaurant at 1,250 Feet

Photo: Courtesy Visualhouse/Related / New York Magazine

In addition to that “Eataly on steroids” Danny Meyer food market slated for the ambitious Hudson Yards project, the proposed 12-million-square-foot mixed-use complex also includes plans for an observation room that would be 50 feet higher than the Empire State Building’s highest public space, if the project moves forward. There may also be room for a gin and tonic up there, too.

“It’s more akin to the Rainbow Room to be honest,” a Related Companies spokeswoman today tells the Observer. “We have a ballroom, restaurant and bars above the observation deck that offer panoramic views. And yes, we are looking at locating some of those above the 1250 mark.”

Hudson Yards Will Be Taller Than the Empire State Building, Including a Higher Observation Deck [Observer]
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