How About a 5 Rabbit Cerveza With Your Chipotle Burrito?


Though Chipotle was once owned by McDonald’s, one big difference between Chipotle and many fast food places was: you could get something to drink there. We’re not sure if this is universal (it probably depends on state laws and so on) but it is common for Chipotles to offer beer and even margaritas. (We can’t remember if we’ve ever seen anyone actually drinking one, but somebody must or they would have stopped by now.) Anyway, suds are about to get a higher profile at Chicago area Chipotles as they begin carrying products from local brewery, and the nation’s first Latin-themed microbrewery, 5 Rabbit Cerviceria. Starting next week 15 area Chipotles will stock their 5 Rabbit golden ale and 5 Vulture dark ale, which has a touch of Mexican chiles. If sales go well, this could be a big boost for the local brand. [Tribune]