PA House Votes to Allow Craft Brewers to Sell Beer at Farmers Markets

What's missing? Beer!
What's missing? Beer! Photo: GPTMC

Farmers markets around here have the potential to get a hell of a lot cooler, thanks to the 175 members of the State House who voted in favor of letting them sell beers from Pennsylvania craft brewers. We’re assuming the 20 who didn’t are part of the party-pooper contingency. Nevertheless, the bill introduced earlier this year by House Liquor Control Committee Chairman State Rep. Dante Santoni Jr. is now one step closer to becoming law. It goes to the Senate next, and if it flies there, the law will allow local craft breweries to apply for permits that will enable them to offer tastings and sales of beer for off-premises consumption at markets throughout the state. Sure beats kale and kohlrabi, doesn’t it? [The Mercury]