Harvest Comes to a Close in Wine Country; Moderate Drinking Hurts the Brain Over Time

'Raise your glass if you figured you were getting dumber anyway!' Photo: iStock Photo

• Last weekend was an extra-busy one in Napa and Sonoma as grape-growers scrambled to harvest the late-to-ripen fruit before Monday’s rain. Many are saying 2012 should be a great vintage. [St. Helena Star]

• Here’s a review of the swell tasting room and grounds at small Dry Creek winery Truett Hurst. [Chron]

• According to a new study, the often discussed practice of "moderate drinking," i.e. a couple of glasses of wine a day for men at least, has been shown to "have profound effects on the structural plasticity in the adult brain," and can have a significant impact on our ability to learn new things. Terrific. [The Atlantic]