Want to Try ‘Guy’s Homemade Million Island Blue Cheese Sweet BBQ Dressing’?

Photo: John W. Ferguson

Remember Karl Welzein, the Michigan guy who really would like all you producer-types to take a look at his Guy Fieri-helmed spec script, a remake of that seminal 1989 Patrick Swayze film Road House? Well, he remembers you, and today he’s got some “Hamburg Ideas” that might work well for the menu at Guy’s American Kitchen. Welzein’s proposed toppings (choose fifteen!) include “Guy’s Famous Million Alarm Buffalo Chipotle Butter,” “9 Triple Marinated Deep Fried Buttermilk Cajun Shrimp with Oriental spices,” “Guy’s Homemade Million Island Blue Cheese Sweet BBQ Dressing,” and “2 brats cut into hunks.” Just save room for the baked Alaska with peach vodka. [Karl Welzein/Twitter, Earlier, Related]