Rio Grande Opens Early for Giants Victory Parade; Fifth Floor Serves a Scutaro Swizzle

This was taken moments ago, above Market Street.
This was taken moments ago, above Market Street. Photo: Blake_Rogers/Twitter

We’re sure a lot of downtown bars will be opening early for the massive shitshow that’s about to begin as the Giants parade up Market Street for the second time in two years (three baseball seasons). But we know for certain that Rio Grande will be open, right in the heart of the action at 7th and Market, starting at 11 a.m., for your mid-week day-drinking pleasure. “Be there. Beers, Buck Hunter, Giants Caps, Rock, Mathias, front row seats for the mayhem,” as the bar owners tell us. Also, down the street at Fifth Floor, bar manager Brian Means is serving a Scutaro Swizzle today. It’s Aperol, Cynar, simple syrup, gin and soda water, in case you want to escape the mayhem … after 5 p.m. that is, because that’s when they open.