Get Ready For Lula To Become… The Violent Hour

Photo: courtes Lula Cafe

Lula Cafe in Logan Square always has the best Halloween costume— in past years it has transformed its entire restaurant into Taco Hell, a faux faux-Irish pub called O’Lulahan’s, and Luma’s Corner (where instead of heavy metal burgers, they offered indie rock-themed ones named for Belle and Sebastian and The Shins). When we were shooting a Key Ingredient with chef-owner Jason Hammel last winter, he mentioned one concept in particular he was thinking about for the next Halloween, and sure enough here it comes: The Violent Hour, in which the scariness of blood and gore will meet the true terror of vest-wearing bartenders with facial hair taking 15 minutes to make you a cocktail. (We kid because we love.) To get you in the mood, they released a teaser video on Facebook complete with Dario Argento-John Carpenter style 70s electronic horror movie music. We can hardly wait to see what the drinks will be— though a Dark and Stormy seems a safe bet for one. Watch the short teaser below.

the VIOLENT HOUR from Lula Cafe on Vimeo.