Living Frog Found Inside Bag of Wal-Mart Salad Greens Speaks Out

Living inside a refrigerator for a week does strange things to a frog.

It's not easy being in mixed greens: A Florida woman says she bought this nine-ounce bag of "Market Fresh" salad at Wal-Mart last Thursday and noticed only today that it contained a living, breathing, tiny pink frog hiding out among the dilapidated romaine and carrot shreds. The home video is worth it just for the audio alone. Man's voice: "This is a frog or some kind of reptile inside of this salad bag we bought from — " Woman's voice, somewhat dejected, from the television room: "Wal-Mart." Man: "Wal-Mart. My wife noticed this reptile or whatever this is in it, in the bag." Frog (parched, barely perceptible): "I'm an amphibian. Please let me out." [WFTV]