Fette Sau Goes to the Goats

Totes goats!
Totes goats! Photo: Courtesy of CUESA

In order to save the goats, Fette Sau must barbecue them! That’s what Joe Carroll told Grub on his most recent visit to the Frankford Ave. outpost of his popular Brooklyn-based barbecue joint. You see, here in America, goat cheese is popular, and to a much lesser extent, so is goat’s milk. But the meat? Not so much. As such, often times dairy farmers are forced to euthanize young male goats each year, because they don’t produce milk. To help curb the senseless waste, Heritage Foods USA’s No Goat Left Behind program works to align dairy farmers with chefs, and get goat on the menus at more restaurants. They hope that by introducing the meat to a wider selection of the dining out public, fewer goats will have to be put down, and discarded.

Just as he did at Fette Sau’s Williamsburg mothership last year for Heritage Foods USA’s inaugural goat push, Carroll’s putting them on the menu here this weekend. The whole heritage breed goats arrived this morning, and will most likely go in smokers tomorrow after getting prepped and patted down with Fette Sau’s proprietary dry rub blend. Once the goats are ready, probably sometime on Friday, they will be added to the chalkboard menu.