Federal Donuts Opens Ahead of Schedule in Center City

Some of the goods available at the new, second Federal Donuts location.
Some of the goods available at the new, second Federal Donuts location. Photo: Collin Keefe

Philadelphia Brewing Company is brewing a harvest ale with homegrown hops, Jen Carroll’s poised to make a big splash on TV again, and Jason Cinchonski is still this city’s handsomest man in chef whites. But the big story today on Grub Street is, Federal Donuts opened the doors to its brand, spanking new Center City location this morning! That’s one day sooner than previously posted. After drilling down on deep fat-frying operations and readying the joint for the onslaught of doughnut- and fried-chicken-deprived Center City inhabitants, Michael Solomonov, Stephen Cook and the rest of the FD crew decided late yesterday that they were ready to pull the trigger this morning.

As mentioned before, with the new locale comes a bunch of new items. Among them are Mint Chocolate Cookie, Maple Bacon, Green Tea Sesame, and Spicy PB&J; fancy doughnuts, and Turkish Mocha, Strawberry Fennel and Vanilla Spice hot fresh doughnuts. At 11 a.m., the chickens begin going down for a dunk in the fryolators. For the birds, Captain Solo and Colonel Cook have come up with a couple new seasonings and glazes, too. Cowboy Coffee blends coffee, smoke and spice to create a flavor reminiscent of red-eye gravy, and Shabazzi is a close relative to old original FedNuts’ extremely popular Za’atar. New glazed varieties include Passionfruit Teriyaki, and Dill Pickle, which we believe will be a sleeper hit amongst fat-kids of all ages and sizes this fall.

Solomonov told Grub that the new facility’s bigger kitchen will allow his team of fryer jockeys to turn out almost three-times more doughnuts and fried chicken than the Two Street mothership. The more streamlined environment will also alleviate logjams when switching from doughnuts and chicken in the afternoons. Though no specifics were mentioned, Solomonov said that additional Federal Donuts locations are being planned.

Federal Donuts, 1632 Sansom Street, no phone yet.