Fast-Food Restaurants’ Social-Media Power, in Infographic Form


This handy chart, created for a conference on social media and restaurant operations that took place last month in Chicago, shows you how the sausage is made. Every PR stunt, viral video, and freebie essentially garners the brand new followers and builds its audience. How successful are the marketing departments of fast-food and fast-casual chains? That’s in the bottom line, of course, but a close reading here may help explain why tacos were airlifted to Alaska, why anyone would want to interrupt presidential debates with pizza questions, the rationale for Starbucks going artisanal, Kate Upton eating burgers, two-tone burgers in China, the madness of “breakfast mixology,” drive-through troubadours, fake job offers to NBA players, free Slurpees, bacon sundaes, Doritos tacos, Hobbit menus, and, in general, your busted gut.

Fast Food & Social Media [Everyday Infographics]