Why Epic Burger Wants To Make You a Sustainable Burger


Are burger eaters concerned about sustainability? Maybe not that many, but sustainability may be a chance for burger makers to stand out in a crowded field and appeal to the portion that does. That’s the question Anthony Todd explores at Chicagoist in the first of a new series devoted to small business owners who are building their businesses in line with their principles. He talks to David Friedman, founder of Epic Burger, about how sustainability is part of his business; when Todd asks “Why burgers?”, his response is:

That’s really the big idea around Epic, to introduce people to affordable all-natural foods through a familiar product. That’s why I chose burgers and fries. I thought it was such an iconic food item. I love everybody’s different take on the burger. What I wanted to do was introduce a better burger on a large scale. That’s why I chose to go with a really simple menu, focused, very few moving parts, in order to have a concept that I could easily scale up.

Small Business, Big Impact: Epic Burger [Chicagoist]