What to Eat at El Toro Blanco, Opening for Dinner Tonight

Tacos! Photo: Melissa Hom

Tonight the Lure and B&B; team — John McDonald, Josh Pickard, and cleanse-loving chef Josh Capon — open the doors on their latest project, the Mexican spot El Toro Blanco. What to expect: The same dark-wood, clubby vibe of their other spots, lotsa cocktails, and a menu that favors crowd-pleasers over strictly traditional dishes. That means fresh-made guacamole, lots of ceviche options, grilled lobster, pork confit, and an entire section of tacos (including goat and octopus options). As always, check out the full menu, and shots of the space and some dishes, straight ahead.

Menu [PDF]

257 Sixth Ave, nr. Downing St.; 212-645-0193