Ed’s Lobster Bar Annex Swims With the Fishes

They've lobster-rolled down the shutters.
They've lobster-rolled down the shutters. Photo: Melissa Hom

While lower Clinton Street pops off (what with feted newcomers Pig & Khao and Yunnan Kitchen, not to mention wd~50), the block between Stanton and Houston can’t seem to get it together. Not long ago, the Franx’ Spanish concept, Francesca, threw in the towel, and now Bowery Boogie has it that Ed’s Lobster Bar Annex has called it quits. You’ll recall that last week the space was found to be on the market, so perhaps someone snapped it up. Though there’s a back garden, inside is an awkward, rambling collection of rooms — let’s hope somebody gets in there who can make a hit at the address in spite of these pitfalls. [Bowery Boogie]