DiNic’s Now Rolling With Sarcone’s

DiNic's Roast Pork
DiNic's Roast Pork Photo: Michael Persico

“America’s Best Sandwich” underwent a major reconfiguration yesterday. A little more than a month after being named the greatest heap of succulent meat to ever grace a piece of bread by Travel Channel’s Adam Richman in his quest to find the nation’s number one sandwich, DiNic’s has up and switched its rolls. The holiest of shrines to the almighty roast pork, located at the heart of Reading Terminal Market, is swapping out the rolls made by Carangi Baking Co. for those baked by Sarcone’s Bakery. According to the Insider, the switch was based on a the Carangi rolls not living up to the crispness requirements of that DiNic’s demands. But don’t worry about the integrity of the prized sandwich, the change in supplier is third since 2009. [Insider]

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