Details on Jehangir Mehta’s Graffiti Me

Jehangir Mehta wants to design you a menu.
Jehangir Mehta wants to design you a menu. Photo: Food Network

Word’s out that Jehangir Mehta has taken over the space next door to his diminutive Graffiti, which he’s dubbing Graffiti Me, so when we spotted him at an event, we chatted him up about his plans.The space won’t be an extension of Graffiti — they’ll have separate entrances, kitchens, and menus. Like Graffiti, the new one has fourteen seats, here in the form of a communal table. Taking advantage of this setup, the chef hopes to offer the space for customizable private dining. “If you’ve caught a fish, you can bring it to us, and we’ll create a five-course meal from it,” he said. “Or if you have a special bottle of wine, we can match a menu to it.” On the regular menu other nights, he’ll offer creative takes on Indian food, including fish with curry sauce in a sushi-style preparation. He’s just waiting on a liquor license so he can roll up the gate.