Watch Denny’s Tease Its New Hobbit-Themed Menu

Photo: Denny's

This poor lady probably thought she was sitting down to a nice Middle-Earth-themed breakfast with her granddaughter at Denny’s. Somehow, she did not notice that the place was filled with canoodling wizards and pointy-eared emo kids wearing burlap sacks for shirts. She probably just wanted to try this Gandalf’s Gobble Melt thing she heard about, a couple links of Shire Sausage, or maybe the Hobbit Hole Breakfast. Instead, she proceeded to insult every customer in the place by saying she heard The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey is based on the promotional Denny’s menu, not the other way around. Bad move, lady. It’s a good thing that at the time all of this was going down, Gollum was in the bathroom, waiting on toilet paper and having a freaky conversation with himself in the mirror.

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