Darryl Strawberry’s Sports Grill Is Closed

Photo: Courtesy Strawberry's

The neighborhoody sports bar owned by the Mets and Yankees legend Darryl Strawberry reportedly closed suddenly over the weekend in Douglaston, according to the Queens Courier. “It came out of nowhere,” Darryl’s brother Michael told the paper, adding, “I am very sad. Rest assured it had nothing to do with my brother and me.” The paper points out that Michael Strawberry was not involved with regular operations at the two-year-old restaurant, known for its sports memorabilia and an Applebee-esque template menu of spinach-artichoke dip, chicken wings, and tap beer. Restaurant employees said their previous weeks’ paychecks had bounced and vendors, who were owed money, stopped making deliveries to the restaurant. [Courier via Eater NY, Earlier]