Dale Talde Is Now the Chef at Thistle Hill Tavern

Photo: Melissa Hom

You liked his spring rolls at Talde, flipped for his Porky Melt at Pork Slope, and now the Talde-fication of Brooklyn continues with Dale Talde assuming executive chef duties at Thistle Hill Tavern. The chef is a new partner at the restaurant, joining John Bush and David Massoni. (The pair is already partnered with the chef at Pork Slope and Talde, Diner’s Journal reports.) Talde’s new menu will shift away from its previous Mediterranean leanings and onto what sounds like American regional food, like a fried half-chicken, squash soup with grilled cheese, and one-pound pork chop smoked in-house. And there will probably be some Fernet behind the bar. [Diner’s Journal, Earlier]