Club Six Closes After Fourteen Years on Sixth

So long...
So long... Photo: Facebook

It’s been a while since Club Six (60 Sixth Street) was a hot spot. In recent years they had been doing a lot of art openings, So You Think You Can Paint? parties, skater parties, and reggae nights, and added a new space next door. But today Eater brings word that the pioneering Sixth Street nightclub, which opened on that loony circus of a street in 1998 and drew hard-partying crowds to its edgy location, is closing effective immediately. Owner Angel Cruz made the announcement on Facebook, saying, “When making this decision, I had the opportunity to go back and look at our history. I was totally blown away. It was amazing to see how many great DJs, performers, artists and parties we booked.” R.I.P. [Facebook via Eater]