Chester’s Bayview Café Closing in Berkeley, La Fable On Its Way

Chester's Photo: Courtesy of Chester's

The 40-year-old breakfast spot and music venue known as Chester’s Bayview Café (1508 Walnut Street, Berkeley) is closing to make way for a new bistro-sounding spot called La Fable. Grub Street discovered the change this a.m., and new French owners Franck and Isabel Bochaton are taking over the space. It’s situated in Walnut Square in North Berkeley, around the corner from Chez Panisse and near the flagship Peet’s, and thus is some prime Gourmet Ghetto real estate. The space features a vaulted ceiling, a six-person bar, seating for about 30, an outdoor patio, and a second-story deck with views of the Bay. Chester’s has not yet announced a closing date and is still posting upcoming evening music events on a calendar, and a rep for the restaurant confirms that it is being sold but would not provide any further details. We’re guessing the switch will take place in the new year, but whether or not there will be a lengthy closure, or any at all, remains unclear.