Carrotmob Plans to Veg Out at Fresh ‘n Easy in Pasadena Tomorrow

Carrotmob Photo: Facebook

Pasadena’s Fresh ‘n Easy will welcome a Carrotmob tomorrow at noon, as environmentally-minded shoppers plan to reward the store for embracing zero ozone emissions freezers. A Carrotmob is basically any retailer’s dream, a swarm of people who support the business by spending a wad of cash in exchange for the company doing a good deed. It’s sort of like a bribe to force corporations to be less evil. Speaking of bribes, the Mob is enticing more people to show up by offering free Ben & Jerry’s ice cream, door prizes, a sustainable product treasure hunt, and a free raffle for an XBox. To keep the exchange ever positive, Fresh n’ Easy will also plant a tree for every product sold. Best of all, there’s no purchase necessary to just hang out with some freaks over free ice cream. [Facebook]